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Global Grand Site on Security Filed & Special Private Team

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Writes will be a Good In One Place.

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You will learn more about Tech and Tips.

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About WeHitHarder.com

Global Security Site Provide More Secure Web

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Our mission making internet more safe place .

What you will learn?

You will learn about different Vulnerabilities & How you can find and Fix it.

What are the benifits?

Learning and Become more secure.

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We are working Hard to provide More Writes & Services

Mohamed Haron

CEO & Security Researcher.

Mahmoud Refat

Services and Support

Hussien Ahmed Albree

Developer & Security Researcher

Ahmed Alwardani

Security Researcher


Full-stack Developer, test


Security Researcher,New

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How to Sign Up?
We Currently choose Special people with a good Skill to help others So complete Our Form and maybe we choose you.
Simple answer we are White Hackers from Many Platforms example ( HackerOne and BugCrowd ) to Share and Help Others in Finding Bugs. WeHitHarder will Provide more services like ( Academy and Vendors accounts ). We will make many Challenges to all new Researchers and Provide more than Service.
Yea We Respect Your Right and We will remove it immediatly.
We have many Trusted Researchers with many experience to manage your Program. Only message us on Our Email support@wehitharder.com
When WeHitHarder.com Provide Services?
We are Currently Provide Writes Up Services & Manage Programs Services and Soon will produce Are Own Valid Account Services.
Currently PayPal and Bitcoin are accepted.
Name wehitharder come from the Popular Hashtag of #TogetherWeHitHarder that's Belong to HackerOne,inc.
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Welcome to WeHitHarder.com

WeHitHarder.com Website managed by HackerOne and BugCrowd Researchers. We made this site to Share knowledge and Provide a Full Services to Ethical Hackers Community.

We love Our job as a Security Researchers. "Challenges" make us Happy ! Here in WeHitHarder We Believe in this words "Gaining knowledge, is the first step to wisdom, SHARING it, is the first step to humanity".

What we do here ?

  • More Writes Up in One Place.
  • Services ( Services Accounts [ ex : aws - unbounce ]
  • Help Each Other as A Team.
  • Full Help Community.
  • Writes up and Disclosed Reports to gain more Skills.

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